Harvests 2018

The harvest of whites started on August 28th and lasted three  weeks due to the maturity gap between different grape varieties.

We started with Sauvignons, which were picked under optimal conditions of maturity and aromatic intensity with a lot of freshness. The exceptional weather allowed Semillon to catch up with the quality level of other grape varieties.

For the reds, the grapes presented well after a summer of quality, they were transformed into exceptional harvests thanks to a remarkable late-season! After a month and a half of harvest, we picked up our last parcel of Petit Verdot on Friday October 12th.

Our Petit Verdot are unique, they are probably the most beautiful ever collected on the estate. They combine aromatic intensity, finesse, tannins and get closer to perfection.

The good weather of the months of September and October has allowed us to pick up each variety at the optimum of its maturity giving us the time to work serenely in order to make the 2018 vintage, a dazzling vintage!

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Château Goudichaud