While being in one piece, the terroir is very diverse from one side of the estate to the other. This diversity is our wealth.

It can be divided into 3 parts: A central plateau whose soil is composed of clay and limestone, the gravel being 1 meter deep. Then on each side of this plateau, gravelly hillsides with optimal exposure. It is a clayey gravel, specific to Graves de Vayres, deep and generous.

Our gravel from the Massif Central then transported by the Dordogne has the dual characteristic of being draining and nutritious thanks to its association with clays.

Grape varieties

To optimize this terroir, our vineyard is essentially composed of Merlot (70%), placed on the plateau, a less restrictive and more suitable terroir. Our Cabernets (30%), for their part, find optimal phenolic maturity on our hillsides.

Our Whites come from Sauvignons Blancs (80%), the majority spread over the freshest terroirs of the estate to enhance the fruit aromas (citrus). Muscadelle and Sémillon (20%) form an ideal complement in the clays closer to the Dordogne.


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Sauvignons withes
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Sémillion and Muscadelle
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